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Ribbons for all Printers.  For Sizes and Prices, please contact our customer service at 305-653-4136 or e-mail at :  sales@labelsol.net

Our know-how really does make Thermal Transfer easier for you!



     1 ribbon satisfies the specifications of over 15 printer types!


     Enabling you to:

§       Widen your offer.

§       Reduce your number of items.

§       Simplify your ordering process.

§       Rationalize your stocks and reduce your inventory costs.


With no inconvenience to your customers:

§       Same ribbon grades.

§       No change to the printer settings required.

§       Enabling an immediate switch.




We have designed an end of ribbon detection system that enables the Armor generic product range to work with all end of ribbon configurations on today’s range of flat head printers.


We have also included 4 notches to ensure maximum compatibility.


1 roll statisfies the specification of over 15 printer types.

Only 4 parameters to know:

§       Printer compatibility to the generic range

§       Length

§       Width

§       Inking side